Students’ lockdown love

It was only a matter of time before the Delta strain of COVID19 made its way up the M1 to Newcastle. From a party a Blacksmiths Beach it has reached out across the city, disrupting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Novacastrians as we plunge into lockdown together.

Nowhere have the ripples of lockdown been felt more than at our very own University where an outbreak continues to be managed in the Callaghan residential colleges. In this dark and uncertain time for the students, it’s refreshing to see that the students of the colleges, might be isolated, but they’re not alone.

With permission from College administration, a group of non-resident students from the Hunter Bible Church Unichurch congregation put together care packages for each and every student in the colleges affected by the strict lockdowns. 

And yes, in case you’re wondering they include every Uni student’s core staple, Mi Goreng noodles. “It’s a small thing we can do to help the students locked down in their rooms on the campus we really care for.” said one of the members of Hunter Bible Church.

In a time when the headlines can be a little depressing, and the only certainty is uncertainty, it’s nice to know there’s still such a thing as a good news story, especially in our backyard.

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