Santa’s Harley helper at Lambton Park

When life gets busy, we all need to ask for a helping hand. And the busiest man in the world on Christmas Eve is no exception.

For many years, Santa Claus has asked for help spreading Christmas cheer from his good friend Chris Heath.

You see, Santa loves Chris’s Harley. In fact, we think secretly Santa sometimes wishes he had one just like it. He knows that people of all ages and backgrounds love to see Santa’s helper rumbling past as their excitement builds for Christmas.

This Christmas Eve, Santa will be dropping by for the 5pm Service at St John’s Anglican Church in Lambton. After he has talked to the people there (Chris might even have a little treat for them), he looks forward to riding around Lambton Park to say “Ho, ho, ho”.

If you know someone who would love to wave to Santa going by, plan to be in Lambton Park at around 6.30 pm on 24th December or come and join us for some festive carol singing at 5 pm at St John’s. For any further information call Kate on 4957 1073.

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