Running for the kids

Sunday 26 September is Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Day. To raise much needed funds to support children with Brain Cancer “RUN DIPG” is holding a virtual run.

DIPG stands for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. It is the deadliest form of childhood cancer

Local woman Maree Connor is running as part of a team from the Emergency Department at the Mater.

“Our team name is Mater ED. Between us, we have pledged to run over 200km for this cause. I will be doing 50 loops of Lambton Park. Maree told The Local.

“At one mile per loop that’s 50 miles, or 80km!”

“I will be starting at 5am. Those members of the Mater ED team who reside in the Newcastle area will be joining me throughout the day to keep me on track and to complete their own pledges. Aren’t they wonderful?”

“The rest of our team who reside outside Newcastle LGA have various other meeting points and will be completing their runs elsewhere due to restrictions. 

So far we have raised over $1500 and  are so grateful to be able to help raise awareness for this cause. 

  • DIPG is most frequently diagnosed in children aged 6 to 7
  • Brain Cancer kills more Australian kids than any other disease
  • The chance of surviving 2 years with DIPG is less than 10%
  • 20 kids per year are diagnosed with this horrible disease
  • Money raised helps children diagnosed with DIPG and fund critical research into this disease.

If you’re around Lambton Park this Sunday show Maree your support as she completes her 50 laps.

To sponsor Maree and support the important work of RUN DIPG go to:

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