Pat’s 60 years of service

When Pat McMahon attended the monthly Lambton-New Lambton RSL Sub Branch meeting in December she was expecting an acknowledgement of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Women’s Auxiliary of which she is a member.  

What she wasn’t expecting was a celebration of the 60 years of service she has given the organisation.

“I’ve never done it for any sort of recognition” Pat told The Local.

Pat joined the Auxiliary in 1960 when she already had a young family but that didn’t stop her volunteering her time and working tirelessly for many and varied organisations over the years.

Not only has Pat been a member of the RSL Women’s Auxiliary for 60 years, she has been president for 35 years. Prior to that she was honorary secretary for 15 years. 

When asked why she does it Pat’s response is “Well, it’s what I’ve always done. I love doing what I do. Staying busy is important.”

Pat says she’s made many lifelong friends through the Auxiliary and has no plans to end her work soon.

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