Census counts on everyone

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently launched the 2021 Census advertising campaign. 

The campaign will support the roll-out of Australia’s 18th Census, which is being held on Tuesday 10 August. 

The Australian Statistician, Dr David Gruen, said the campaign is based on the idea that the Census isn’t just numbers, but what those numbers tell us.

“Census data provides a snapshot of the nation, and gives us important information about our economic, social and cultural make-up,” Dr Gruen said.

While most people know the Census informs decisions on transport, schools, health care, roads and buildings, they may not know data is also used extensively at the local or community level.

“Our message for Census is ‘Every stat tells a story’” he said.

This year households will have several days to complete, rather than a single night. People will be encouraged to start their Census as soon as they receive instructions if they know where they’ll be on Tuesday 10 August.

“We know people expect flexibility and convenience, so this makes it easier for people to fill in their form when it best suits them. The Census can be completed online, on their mobile device, or on paper. There will be a number of options available for people who need assistance to complete their Census form including help from Census field staff, and phone and online help.

“I encourage everyone to participate in the 2021 Census and help build a better future for all of us,” Dr Gruen said.

For more information, visit www.census.abs.gov.au

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